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LGBTQ+ Weddings

At Gardenia Weddings, inclusivity is the core of our company values. We ensure every couple feels welcomed, comfortable, and catered to. We have witnessed the bias in the wedding industry that favors cisgender heterosexual couples and we make a point of separating ourselves from that. You'll notice we do not use any gender-specific verbiage on our website such as "bride" or "groom." We strictly use gender-neutral verbiage until you self-identify. This includes your wedding party as well. We don't label anyone as a bridesmaid, groomsman, etc. They are simply members of the wedding party, not "bridal party." 

We also have higher standards for the vendors we work with. Every vendor on our recommended vendor list must certify that they do not discriminate against LGBTQ+ couples. 

Every team member is vetted during the hiring process to ensure our morals are aligned and receives extensive training in LGBTQ+ inclusivity.

Your wedding should be no different than anyone else's. You shouldn't have to worry about discrimination or constantly reminding vendors of your pronouns. Ensure that you are comfortable with who you are allowing into your wedding planning experience. We would love to be a part of it! 

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