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How to Make Your Wedding Guests Feel Special

When planning your wedding, there is so much to consider. Venue, vendors, games, timeline, pictures, decorations, and so much more take up the majority of you and your partner's focus when putting together your special day. But really, the most important thing is being with your loved ones and celebrating together. You want to make sure they enjoy the day just as much as you, and also feel loved, appreciated, and special. Here are a few ways to ensure an unforgettable night, not just for yourselves, but also for your loved ones who have supported you and your partner throughout your journey.



I know I am the type of person who would have a hard time centering the entire day around myself and making all these decisions. I would always wonder, "What would the guests enjoy?" If this rings true to you, use Facebook or your wedding website to get input from your guests. This will help ease your indecisiveness and also make your guests feel involved. Can't decide on a cake flavor or dinner entrée? Take a poll and let the guests break the tie!


During dinner, your extra special loved ones will typically give a toast to express their love and support. It's nice for you to show some extra love as well. After the guest toasts are done, take a minute or two to thank everyone for coming and celebrating with you.


Six hours may seem like a lot of time for a wedding, but it goes by unbelievably quick! It's the worst feeling after the wedding when you realize you didn't speak to half the people there. Make sure you don't have activities and photos scheduled every minute of the day. Set aside 30min-1hr during reception where you can just focus on mingling with your guests.


Ask for song requests when your guests RSVP. This will make it easy for the DJ to already have a sense of the vibe from your guests before the wedding even starts. It also ensures there will be at least one song for every single person to get down on the dance floor to.


Ask your photographer to take a group shot of you and your wedding guests. This is super fun for everyone and an amazing keepsake. This works best for smaller weddings but with the right space, it can work for any size. Another great touch is during cocktail hour to not only plan to do shots with your immediate family, but also groupings of your extended family and friends. For example, you could do a shot of you and your work friends, your college friends, your cousins, etc. These make great keepsakes and make the guests feel special even if they're not a member of the wedding party.


Trust me, one of the main things wedding guests stress over is what to wear. Send your guests your wedding color palette and formality level (cocktail attire, black-tie, etc.). This way they will know the exact vibe you are going for and can more easily plan their outfit around it. Also, your group photos with guests will look AMAZING with everyone in somewhat coordinated colors and styles.


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