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Unplugged Ceremony: How to Make It Work

Imagine that plus one at your wedding who you barely know just posted pictures of your ceremony before you've even received your professional photos back. Even worse, imagine getting those photos back and seeing that every shot is ruined by all your guests trying to take pictures with their phones. This is why you need an unplugged ceremony!


An unplugged ceremony involves asking your guests to either keep their phones and cameras out of sight, or to turn them off completely. This ensure that the guests’ phones won’t ruin the photographer's shot or get in their way while they're taking important ceremony pictures. It also avoids the risk of having your special day shared with everyone on the Internet before you even get a chance to process and share the day on your own terms with the professional pictures you paid thousands of dollars for. And of course, it avoids the dreaded event of a phone ringing in the middle of your vows!

You can also extend the "unplugged" rule past just the ceremony to also include the reception and entire wedding as a whole. Although unplugged ceremonies are becoming more popular, some couples may still be a bit hesitant. Here are some examples of how to make this “strict” rule cute and fun for your guests:

Polaroid Guest Book or Wall

This idea kills two birds with one stone! It provides a cute and unique option for your guest book and allows guests to be interactive during the reception after being unplugged during the ceremony. It also provides for a super fun and memorable addition to the home you and your new spouse will be creating together, whether it be a scrapbook sitting on your coffee table in the living room or hanging on a wall in your hallway.

Guest Disposable Camera

Similar to the first idea, giving each guest a disposable camera would be a really cute way to get everyone involved, as well as an efficient way to capture all the candid moments of the reception from so many different perspectives. Once the photos are developed, it would also be fun to send certain pictures out along with the thank you notes! This may not be the most cost-effective solution, with each camera being around $12, but if you are interested in this idea, you could buy a few and have a camera station. You could also just give a camera to everyone in the wedding party so they can all capture the natural moments of your special day.


Finally, the easiest option for an unplugged ceremony would be a cute sign with a direct request. Just put out a nice, pretty sign explaining the unplugged ceremony concept and guests will respect it! I also recommend telling the guests that the photographer will be taking pictures throughout the day and the final photos will be shared with the guests. This way, they can feel comfortable knowing that they will still have mementos of the day.

The list of benefits for an unplugged ceremony are long so do not be fearful of implementing it. And adding in these cute extras will reduce any possible hesitation with guests.

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