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South Asian Weddings

At Gardenia Weddings, our team is extensively trained and experienced in Sikh wedding customs and will ensure your wedding week runs exactly as it's supposed to. We know your wedding is a huge undertaking, let us help!

With our customizable Indian wedding planning package, we will not only plan your wedding day, but also handle the planning for your pre-wedding events such as the Mendhi, Sangeet, or Jaago. You will have a dedicated team of wedding planners, including the owner, managing the venue, vendors, and timeline. You will also have a design team focusing on securing rentals, florals, and any other visual needs to ensure your wedding is stunning! 

We know how important it is to have a wedding planner that understands and respects your culture. We don't put you in a box or force American traditions on you. Our goal is to minimize your stress and ensure your vision is seen through while honoring your traditions.

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