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Full Service Wedding Planning and Design

Our weddings showcase tons of diversity and uniqueness, are abundant in décor and details, and challenge the "traditional." We combine our mastery of logistics and design to create meticulously planned and beautifully executed wedding experiences.

Sit back and enjoy your engagement knowing your planning team has all the details handled. We research and secure the best venue and vendor options, secure travel accommodations for your out of town guests, manage all your vendor communication, and so much more. All to ensure your planning experience is enjoyable and your wedding day is unforgettable. 

"I had zero stress planning my wedding. Everything was so easy, and on my wedding day I didn’t even notice coordination and planning happening because that’s how well it went." 

Miranda + Cory

bride putting on wedding heels with ribbon white bow

South Asian Wedding Planning

We understand the importance of having a planning team that is familiar with the intricacies of a cultural wedding. Our team is extensively trained and will ensure your wedding is not only of the highest caliber, but also pays respect to your cultural customs and traditions. 

We handle everything from the Sangeet to the reception, and everything in between. We even create an informative wedding website for your guests that may not be familiar with the activities and expectations. 


"My partner and I were able to just ENJOY the day while they handled all of the hassle and coordination." 

Erin + Ryan

Are you taking the DIY route in your wedding planning? As organized as you may be, you simply don't know what you don't know. With our Remote Wedding Consultant service, we can provide valuable planning guidance to ensure no details are missed and you are able to make the best informed decisions.

phohtography flat lay with wedding details including wedding invitations, flowers, and wedding rings
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