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Budget Friendly Engagement Rings

You want to propose to your partner and you want to get the the perfect ring, but you also don't want to go broke getting it. Here are some tips and alternatives to help avoid going into debt over the engagement ring.


Stones vs Diamonds

Often times, stones are less expensive than diamonds. Morganite and other stones will typically run you a fraction of what you would pay for a decent-sized diamond, and you can get a much larger size stone in comparison to the diamond for the same price. The above picture is actually my engagement ring. It is a peach morganite stone and cost less than $2000.

Lab-Created Stones and Diamonds

If you and your partner are set on a diamond, consider a lab-created diamond instead of a traditional mined diamond. Not only is it less expensive but morally you don't have to have that thought of "blood diamonds" surrounding the ring. Lab-created stones and diamonds are a fraction of the cost of the mined counterpart and literally the only difference is how they are made. The look and hardness are exactly the same.

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