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Cutting Wedding Costs

Some things should never be compromised but here are a few tips to cut wedding costs without regrets!



In my opinion, you should only do wedding favors if you have the extra funds for it. Wedding favors shouldn’t be thought of as a must-have for your wedding. I would also only opt for wedding favors if what you would choose is something useful or special you know your guests would use and cherish. The plastic sunglasses with your wedding date on the side will definitely be left at the venue by most of your guests, while candles or potted plants are more likely to be taken and used. Know that not providing wedding favors will not make you appear cheap in the way that not providing an open bar might. You are shelling out thousands of dollars for a nice venue, entertainment, open bar, and dinner to make sure your guests have an amazing time. Your guests appreciate that, and so wedding favors are being seen more as an additional token rather than an expectation.


Save-the-dates, I feel, are necessary mainly if you are planning to have a lot of out-of-town guests. Save-the-dates provide out-of-towners more time to plan their trip and make arrangements. But, if the large majority of your guests are locals, then you can probably skip the save-the-dates.


When mailing traditional wedding invitations, you include an RSVP card and a pre-stamped and addressed envelope for guests to mail back their responses. Opting for online RSVPs via a wedding site like Zola or The Knot not only saves money on additional cards and postage but also increases your response time.


Instead of shelling out big bucks for all the signage you may need, opt to check out some videos on DIY signage. You can make some beautiful signs with a quick trip to the craft store. You don’t have to be an artist to make some great signs!


Have some flexibility in your wedding date and try to book during the off-peak months. Most venues vary their pricing based not only on the month but also the day of the week. Saturday is usually more expensive than Friday, and Sunday is almost always less expensive than Friday.


Choosing a buffet style dinner rather than plated service will almost always be less expensive. Also, as far as meal options, pasta, chicken, and pork will very likely be less expensive than beef or seafood.


Unless you are having an extremely elaborate wedding, printed programs are not necessary. Simply have a large sign in the welcome area with a basic day-of schedule. Your DJ and coordinator will make announcements and direct your guests appropriately.


Those beautifully intricate wedding cake designs will definitely increase your cake costs. And often times they do not taste as good as they look. Instead, opt for a simpler cake design that will taste amazing and cost less. A naked style frosting cake is still beautiful with the minimal frosting and doesn’t have that nasty fondant covering. Also, consider offering a dessert bar instead of a large single cake. You will spend much less for a few different dessert options like cupcakes, macaroons, etc. giving your guests variety, and you can still order a small cutting cake if you still want to have your cake cutting moment.


The list of floral arrangements for a wedding is a long one. You can reduce costs by trimming down that list. Traditionally, every male member of the wedding party receives a boutonniere to pin on their suit. This includes not only the groomsmen but also the fathers and grandfathers of the bride and groom. Similarly, every female member of the wedding party receives either a corsage or small bouquet including not only bridesmaids but mothers and grandmothers of the bride and groom as well. Although small in size, these arrangements can quickly add up. You can opt to omit these completely or limit to specific subgroups. You can also cut costs by opting for artificial flowers for venue décor and centerpieces. Paper flowers are also becoming increasingly popular with their unique look and intricate designs. Opting out of a bouquet toss is another easy way to save on floral costs. Some don't realize that you have to buy an entire additional bouquet for a bouquet toss for that person to keep and take home. Although a bridal toss is traditional, it is in no way mandatory or essential and no one will likely notice if you don't do one. Choosing a smaller bridal bouquet style can also save on cost but absolutely do not compromise your bouquet if it is important to you. If you have always dreamed of a huge captivating bouquet, then that is exactly what you should get! Just reduce your floral costs in one of the aforementioned areas to balance out your budget.


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