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How Many Invitations Do You Really Need?

You may be wondering how many invitations you really need to order or may be stressing about the cost of invitations in general. Here I will quickly break down how many invitations you realistically need to order.


Even though you may be inviting 100 guests, you do not need to order 100 invitations. The number of invitations is dependent on the number of households rather than the number of individuals. Group your guest list into households and use that number as the base for your invitations.


Order about 5 extras just in case you realize you forgot someone after already ordering.


Order 1-2 extras to use as keepsakes for you and your partner.


Order 2 extras for the photographers to use for photos on the wedding day. You could use your keepsake copies for this but I don't recommend it since they may get lost during the chaos of the wedding day.


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