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My Wedding is Postponed...Now What?

Was your wedding postponed because of COVID-19? Here is a rundown of what should be your next steps while staying positive.


Everyone's world has been turned upside down because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Having to make the decision to postpone your wedding is a horrible feeling for any couple. I am actually one of those unlucky brides myself and I was absolutely devastated. It's understandable to be sad and even angry, but don't stay in that place too long. Stay focused and stay positive.

Notify Vendors

Once you make the official decision to postpone your wedding, you need to be quick in notifying your vendors. Most vendors are being very understandable and flexible given the circumstances and will likely transfer your costs already paid to your new wedding date without charging any rescheduling fees. However, it is still extremely important to notify your vendors as soon as your decision is made, even if you don't have a new date selected yet. If you wait too long, certain vendors that provide tangible goods may be forced to recharge you for the new date. For example, if your florist has already ordered your flowers or baker has already baked your cake, they will have to recharge you because they have already purchased perishable items.

Notify Guests

You want to be equally swift in notifying your guests of the postponement. I recommend sending a mass text or email, do not rely solely on sending a mailed letter notification. Because of the pandemic, the post offices have been backed up and mail is taking much longer to be delivered. Be sure at the end of the text or email to ask your guests to reply confirming they've received it to make sure no one misses it and still shows up.

Select New Date

Do not rush this. I know we're all anxious to walk down that aisle but be patient and methodical in selecting a new date. You don't want to select a date and then keep having to postpone again and again because your state's stay-at-home order keeps getting extended. You also don't want to select a date that is right after your state's stay-at-home order or state of emergency is lifted. Your guests may still be concerned and hesitant on attending a large event so soon.

Consider Elopement

Covid-19 is only forcing the postponement of your wedding celebration, not your marriage. Consider an elopement with either just you and your partner or with a small group of loved ones. Whether it's at a courthouse, church, or park, it can still be memorable. This may not be for everyone but this is an option to still get married when you planned and just reschedule the wedding celebration.

Design Re-Save-the-Dates

Once you select a new wedding date, have fun designing and ordering some re-save-the-dates. Since things are still pretty up in the air in most areas, I would still wait to mail these out until about two months or so beforehand.

Take Advantage of Cheap Flights

Flights are extremely cheap right now as the travel companies try to recoup their losses. Take advantage of this to plan a great honeymoon!

Update Vows

This tough time will undoubtedly bring you and your partner closer. You will experience uncertainty, anxiety, and stress surrounding COVID-19 and all that it has affected in your lives. Articulate how your relationship has strengthened and your appreciation for your partner's support in your wedding vows to read at the rescheduled wedding.

Save More Money

Now is the time to save more money for the wedding. Was there something you really wanted for your wedding that you had to omit because you didn't have the funds? Here's some extra time to save up that money and splurge, because after this you deserve it!

Take Advantage of the Extra Planning Time

When the wedding is only days or weeks away, everyone always wishes they had more time to finish those DIY projects, finalize some details, or whatever else. Well here you go! Take advantage of the extra planning time you now have to make sure when your wedding day does come, it is absolutely perfect.

Stay positive and look for the silver lining in everything!


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