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Why You Should Have an Unplugged Ceremony

Want to ensure your ceremony photos and videos come out as amazing as possible? Opt for an unplugged ceremony!


Having an "unplugged" ceremony means that you are requesting that your guests not take out their phones or cameras during the ceremony. This is important because it helps ensure the guests are not blocking the aisle trying to get a good angle and therefore blocking the photographer from getting the shot they need. It also diminishes the look of the photo or video when each shot has half the guests on their phone leaned over trying to take pictures.

Have an unplugged ceremony sign in your ceremony area that requests all guests to refrain from taking out their phones or cameras during the ceremony to allow the photographer and videographer to get the best shots possible. You may also want to request that your guests actually silent or turn off their phones to avoid an awkward ring during the ceremony. Be sure to mention that you will share all finished photos and videos after the wedding on either your social media page, wedding website, or with your mailed thank you cards.


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