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Where to Get Wedding Stationery

Here is a quick list of online resources for wedding stationery including invitations, save-the-dates, signage, etc.


CANVA www.canva.com

Canva is an online DIY graphic design and prints resource with beautiful templates and images you can use to create your own wedding stationary.

MARGO & BEES www.margoandbees.com

Margo & Bees' stationary is gorgeous and super detailed without being overly expensive. Keep in mind they ship from overseas so be sure to order far in advance.

MINTED www.minted.com/wedding

Minted Weddings is a little on the pricier side depending on your budget but they usually have sales going on. Their designs are amazing and their quality definitely lives up to the price. They probably have the most expansive design options of this list.

ZOLA www.zola.com

I love everything about Zola. It is such a great tool for engaged couples. The feature I push the most is normally their wedding website, but their wedding stationary is beautiful as well. They have a great variety of designs and paper types.

ZAZZLE www.zazzle.com/c/weddings

I personally haven't used Zazzle but their designs are beautiful. They are not extremely pricey and usually run some kind of sale or promo.

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